When to capitalize a job title in a cover letter

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As job seekers write their resumes and cover letters, it's important to present themselves in the best possible light. A cover letter is one of the first things a potential employer sees and is a representation of you and your abilities.

when to capitalize a job title in a cover letter

Ensuring this letter is clean, clear and effective can ensure you make a good first impression on hiring managers. In this article, we discuss a key element of a cover letter, the job title, and when you should capitalize it in your letter.

When should you capitalize a job title on a cover letter?

A well-written resume and cover letter are important to impress a hiring manager and get to the interview stage. Many hiring managers skim several cover letters each day and only choose to look further into the ones that catch their attention. These are usually the ones that are written clearly, concisely and in a grammatically correct fashion.

Taking the time to carefully ensure compliance with grammar rules, especially in relation to job titles, is capitallze to success in the job search process.

When it comes to writing an effective letter, even lettrr capitalization matters.

Should you capitalize job titles?

That's why it's important to review capitalization rules and apply them correctly when you discuss job titles in a cover letter.

There are several instances in which you would want to capitalize a job title on your cover letter. These include when using:.

when to capitalize a job title in a cover letter

When writing your cover letter, be sure to capitalize specific job titles as opposed to more general roles. This will emphasize your achievements in the field. Ti these examples:.

when to capitalize a job title in a cover letter

General: "I am applying for a department chair eltter. These examples differ in the sense that one is describing a specific title an applicant held, while the other simply describes a role that applicant would like to pursue.]